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When I am in Collage, I want to

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Before I discuss about the topic, let me introduce myself. My name is Muhammad Rifki Septiawan. You can call me Rifki. I live in Grand Residence Avenue, Setu, Bekasi. I was graduated from SMAN 5 Tambun Selatan on 2016. I am a Student of Management at Economic Faculty, Universitas Negeri Jakarta. I think that’s enough, now let us discuss the topic.
I want to be a person that easy to socialize with other. A human being is a social creature. A person need other’s hand. A person can’t life by him/herself. There’s lot of things in human life that needs assistance from others. For example, we want to build a house for ourselves. We still need other’s help like the workers, material seller, or maybe an architect. Or when we passed away, we really need other’s assistance.  Dead is a situation that we can’t do anything. There is more reason and explanation about it. So I think my reason is enough to make me a good social person.
                University is a place to discuss everything with open minded. So I can learn many things when I am in Collage. Many people are studying at university. And every person has their own character. Nobody has same character even they are twins. An easy mad man, shy one, attractive, active, lazy, or maybe a creative person is studying at university. So when you are too lazy to socialize with other, you won’t get any experience is life. Especially when you are facing other people out there. If you don’t have experience, you will get nothing to talk or to discuss about. That’s makes you feel lonely because you can’t socialize. Theres lot of educated people are doing nothing with their environment because they can’t work together to fix a problem.
                So, when I am in College I want to learn how to socialize. Such as join events that held by Universitas Negeri Jakarta nor Economy Faculty, following an enterpeneship class and get myself into character building event. For reach my goal, maybe I will join organization on Universitas Negeri Jakarta. Such as Executive and legislative organization.
                When we join an organization, there’s lot of things to do. Like co-operate doing task, running a program, planning an event, leadership things, and meet different character of people. Those things could be useful to create a relationship. Because more friend you have means more way to get you successes.
                Joining organizations is good. Unfortunately it cost much time. My main purpose when I am in college is studying. Such as doing task, join a class, or get A+ on my score. So, it needs a good time management. A good time management makes better on doing everything, especially organization. That is the reason why we need organize our time.
                The point is I want to manage my time well and easy to socialize when I am in College. I know I have to work hard to reach my goal. I will keep my spirit on to reach my goal until the end.
                I think that’s all that I can say in words about “When I am in College, I want to”. If there is a mistake or more, I ask for your apologize. Thank you for having attention to my paper.

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Muhammad Rifki Septiawan
S1 Management 
Faculty of Economics
Universitas Negeri Jakarta

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